About FreeFall

FreeFall Laser, located in the culturally rich Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, is the only fine art laser cutting studio in New England. Through a collaborative, cross-disciplinary process, we help artists find new and innovative ways of incorporating laser cutting into their studio practice, and designers create high-end, original works. We use a CO2 laser cutter by Universal Laser Systems, one of the world’s top laser manufacturers, to precision cut and engrave a wide variety of materials.

FreeFall was founded by fine artist Sarah Pike, who left a successful academic career and leapt, sans parachute, into independent-studio laser cutting as a way of bringing new approaches to artists and to expand the conversation in the field. Through tireless experimentation, she has developed ways of incorporating laser engraving into her printmaking that pushes beyond the boundaries of traditional laser cutting—and the relationship between technology and the hand. Sarah continues to research experimental applications, such as using the laser’s energy to alter surfaces and fuse materials, and she frequently shares her findings at national and international conferences.

When working with clients, Sarah is equal parts innovative and analytical, and she feels most rewarded when helping artists and designers problem-solve their way toward expressing their unique visions. She approaches each project with an artist’s ingenuity and a technician’s meticulous attention to detail. For Sarah, the question isn’t simply, “What do you want to create?” but “How can I spark an idea that will help you think more expansively about the medium?”

We work with clients across the United States, but if you would like to collaborate with Sarah in our North Adams studio — close to MASS MoCA and a wide variety of other Berkshires cultural attractions, and less than three hours' drive from New York City or Boston  —  get in touch today.

About Sarah Pike

Sarah’s unique perspective was cultivated early through a close relationship with her grandmother, whose artist parents instilled in her an appreciation for the subtleties of the natural world. Sarah attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where she studied painting and earned her MFA. In an unexpected turn of events, Sarah took a position as the printmaking studio manager at Bennington College, and credits this with her shift in focus from painting to printmaking. She discovered that the physical engagement and the dialogue between process and technology inherent in printmaking grounded her creative process and sparked her appetite for exploring the “What if?” mind. 

For Sarah, art is a mindful, almost meditative experience. By combining her printmaking expertise with laser engraving and laser cutting, she is able to integrate the handmade nature of printmaking with digital technology and create expanded art forms.

As an artist in residence, Sarah has been able to pursue her love of travel by working in Germany, Scotland, England, Switzerland, and Belgium. Her work has appeared in solo exhibitions in New England and Germany, and in group exhibitions in New York, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, as well as in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. She is also a frequent guest lecturer at international and national conferences.