Whether you’re creating an artist book with intricate cut paper images, incorporating digital technology into your metalsmithing projects, designing original work for a client, or putting together a 3-D model out of cut wood or board, we look forward to being part of your design team.

By blending our expertise in fine arts and technology, we provide a personalised service focusing on innovative applications. We offer laser cutting and engraving, as well as custom project development. We can also help with you create laser-ready files. 


We work with the following types of material, up to 18” x 32” and 1/4" thick.

PLASTICS  Acrylic (cast) : Delrin : Kapton Tape/Polyimide : Mylar : Nylon (melts) : PETG : Solid Styrene

WOOD  Cork : PlyWood : MDF : Wood : Wood Veneer (some adhesives are difficult to cut)

RUBBER (non-chlorine) Buna-N : Butyl : Latex : Silicone 

PAPER Binders Board : Card Stock : Chip Board : Corrugated Cardboard : Fine Art Papers : Matboard

FABRIC Cotton : Denim : Felt : Leather : Linen : Polyester Fleece : Silk : Velvet

METAL Anodized Aluminum (laser marking only) 

While we don’t stock materials in our studio, we are happy to source them for you or advise you on where to buy them.

Please note that any material containing chlorine, as well as those that produce toxic fumes or dust or that catch fire, cannot be cut. These include coated carbon fiber, fiberglass, foam core, HDPE, mirrors, most metals, neoprene/polychloroprene/CR, polycarbonate/PC/Lexan, unidentifiable acrylic, polystyrene foam, printed circuit board, PVC/Sintra, silver, and vinyl/pleather. For our safety and at our discretion, materials that cannot be positively identified will not be cut.