One thing leads to another

July 2018

In the creative life it's the seemingly innocuous steps that open up new worlds.

As an artist business owner, I find it easy to get caught up in the creativity of the business and neglect my own studio practice. One of the ways I combat this is to periodically check in and ask, What work am I doing in my business that is getting my creative juices flowing, and is there a place for it in my art?

This month I will take you through how making 250 "The Great Wave" sample books for PaperSpecs inspired an inlay for my booth at the WoodenBoat Show, and ultimately got me thinking, Is there a place for wood inlay in my own work?

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Part I
It all started when PaperSpecs, a website helping graphic designers create printed pieces that WOW, invited me to create 250 sample books for their next VIP member boxes. How could I say no? 

Producing 250 of these handmade pieces was no easy task. But once I made several design tweaks and streamlined the process, I began looking forward to the meditative assembly. 

When I asked myself, What about this project excites you? I realized that it was the mental puzzle of designing the integration of seven different materials into one tiny scene, and then the meditative zone I entered when putting the pieces together.

Using a brainteaser's approach to creating compositions has long been a part of my work and can be seen here in earlier lithographs.