FreeFall Artists Out in the World

September 2017

Hannah Smith and I have spent many hours talking shop about laser-engraving photographs. Hannah has developed laser-engraving techniques for creating vitreography (glass etching) plates. Last month she came to the studio to create laser-engraved ceramic tiles for an upcoming exhibition at the Museum of the White Mountains.

Lasting Impressions showcases multiple generations of PSC/ PSU art, writing, music, theater, and dance alumni, highlighting the importance of place as well as the University’s history of incubating critical thinking and artistry. Including recent graduates to established artists, writers, musicians, dancers, and actors, Lasting Impressions is a collection of works that convey the role the White Mountains, teachings, experiences, landscape, and ideas encountered here in influencing these artists’ creative journey and developing careers. This multi-site exhibit celebrates alumni achievement and inspires current PSU students.

 Hannah  Marie Smith , Paved  (in-progress detail) .  Laser-engraved ceramic tiles, brick, and soil, 2017

Hannah  Marie Smith, Paved (in-progress detail). Laser-engraved ceramic tiles, brick, and soil, 2017

Lasting Impressions
Museum of the White Mountains
34 Highland St
Plymouth, NH 03264
September 26 - October 26, 2017

For Hilary Lorenz's new wall instillation I laser-cut almost 100 laser-cut paper plants. If you are in New York City, check it out!

The Making of a Rock Garden is a wall installation of hand cast flax flower pots containing laser cut plants and tiny cast stones.  Influenced by the T.H. Everett Alpine House at Wave Hill in the Bronx, NY, the piece originated with the creation of 49 tiny pots resembling the alpine house planting, and using desert plants from my home in NM as models for the laser cuts. The exhibition Call and Response is curated by Gabriel de Guzman, open Sept 10 and runs through December 3. 

 Hilary Lorenz,  The Making of a Rock Garden.  Cast flax, paper and ink, 2017.

Hilary Lorenz, The Making of a Rock Garden. Cast flax, paper and ink, 2017.

Call and Response
Glyndor Gallery
T.H. Everett Alpine House at Wave Hill
West 249th St and Independence Ave
Bronx, NY 10471-2899
September 10 - December 3, 2017

August 2017

Two of Sarah Pike's laser-engraved screenprints are included in Passage, a journey through prints, curated by Alana Akacki. Passage is a group printmaking exhibition that focues on travel and memories. Artists include Annie Bissett, Joan Dix Blair, Thorsten Dennerline, Nancy Haver, Sarah Pike, Nori Pepe, Mary Ellen Riell, and Sandy Wimer.

 Sarah Pike,  Untitled.  Laser-engraved silkscreen, 2017.

Sarah Pike, Untitled. Laser-engraved silkscreen, 2017.

Passage, a journey through prints
Albany Arts Center Gallery
488 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207
August 4 - September 1, 2017

April 2017
Many of you may remember Naoe Suzuki, who came to FreeFall Laser for a Studio Session last fall to create a series of laser-cut vapor prints. Her work is currently on view at the Broad Institute, where she was an artist-in-residence.

Naoe Suzuki: Stories told
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
415 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142
April 18 - August 24, 2017